Hair Styling Idees Peluqueros

At "Idees Peluqueros" we make all types of hairstyles adapted to the needs and characteristics of our clients.

The hairstyle is one of the hallmarks of a person, so we work to make you look good, taking care of your hair and offering you different possibilities for your hairstyle to reflect your personality.

Whether it's for a special occasion or to look beautiful every day, at "Idees Peluqueros" we are waiting for you to offer you the "COMB" that you've been wanting for so long.

Cuts Idees Peluqueros

All the professionals at "Idees Peluqueros" are qualified to make any type of cut, from the latest trends to the most classic cuts. Put them to the test!

We have all kinds of professional hairdressing products, which guarantee the best results, and our team of stylists works so that you can choose between all types of cuts for men and women, and look like never before.

If you want a professional haircut for your day to day, come and visit us.


Party Hairstyles and Updos

If you are going to attend a special event or want to enjoy a different hairstyle every day, at "Idees Peluqueros" we have specialists who not only advise you, but also use the best hairdressing techniques to make you a unique updo.


A wedding is a very special time. We advise you on how to find your ideal look

If you opt for a pickup for your big day, we create your unique and exclusive pickup.

We do what it takes to make sure that you can enjoy the image you want during your link.

We have hairpieces, fillers, or any form of hair you need for that great day.

At Idees Peluqueros we make your dream hairstyle come true


Semi picked-up

At "Idees Peluqueros" we have different possibilities for semi-collected hairstyles, ranging from the most classic and traditional proposals to semi-directed hairstyles based on trends, perfect for daring and modern looks.

It may also be the best choice for your daily hairstyle. Come to "Idees Peluqueros" and get a semi-directional that defines your style.

If you want to look your best for a special occasion

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